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This page offers links to the BBC Bitesize Website that has a host of videos relating to how things were like during WW1. A selection of those short videos can be found below:

Lord Kitchener

Short video from the BBC Website about Lord Kitchener

Horatio Herbert Kitchener was born in Ireland in 1850. Like his father, he joined the army and was noticed for his leadership skills when he served in Palestine, Egypt, Sudan and South Africa. After many promotions he became a politician in 1914 and was put in charge of soldier recruitment, industry and war strategy.


Sir Douglas Haig

Short video from the BBC Website about Sir Douglas Haig

Sir Douglas Haig is most associated with leading the British army in the battles of the Somme and Passchendaele in World War One, when many soldiers lost their lives. On his return home after the war, Field Marshal Haig became the Founder President of the newly formed British Legion


WW1 A-Z - E is for Empire

Short video from the BBC Website about the letter E - E is for Empire

Britain’s colonies sent over two-and-a-half million fighting men to the European front, more than one million from India alone. In a dramatic monologue based on a true story, Sepoy Khudadad Khan, 26 years old, gives his account of a 1914 battle in northern Belgium. Sepoy Khudadad suffered severe injuries but he survived to receive the Victoria Cross for his gallantry, from King George V.


First World War Hero Jutland Jack

Short video from the BBC Website about Jutland Jack

The story of John Travers 'Jack' Cornwell, a 16-year-old sailor who won the Victoria Cross for outstanding bravery during the Battle of Jutland in 1916.


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